Think Your Way To A Successful Wedding Speech

August 16, 2011 by David Lyon

You will be making a wedding speech; whether you like it or not, but how will you react to this news? Are you looking forward to giving the speech are does it fill you with fear? Our thoughts influence how we feel and act and ultimately define our results.


“Thoughts become things”


Applying the TEAR model, we can see how our thoughts influence our actions and results.


THOUGHTS lead to

EMOTIONS which prompt

ACTIONS which deliver



Your desire is to deliver a wonderful, funny and heartfelt wedding speech. Positive thoughts will stimulate positive emotions leading to positive actions and positive results. Negative thoughts… replace positive with negative in the last sentence.

Your thoughts on the coming wedding speech may be negative; however we can change our thoughts through a simple repetition of a positive mantra on a daily basis. With this repetition, our thoughts on the wedding speech will, with time, become more positive

Below is a series of statements which repeated regularly will create positive thoughts, driving your to positive actions and the results you desire. Read out loud once in the morning and again before you go to bed.


I will deliver a great wedding speech.

I will be well prepared and deliver my speech confidently.

I will be funny, fearless and flawless.

I will enjoy giving your speech and have a wonderful time at the wedding.


The key to successfully delivering the wedding speech you desire is to think you are already in possession of the perfect wedding speech. If you think you can, you will.  Now that you have what it takes to create and deliver your perfect speech, you need to create it.

“Just Do It”


The best time to start is now, start writing down ideas. Keep a pad of paper with you and when something pops into your head, write it down. When you are thinking positively about your speech, ideas will come to you, write them down and review them later.


“Learn From The Giants”


The eighth Kekich Credo gives some simple and effective advice to help create your perfect wedding speech. Many people do not make speeches regularly; however you can tap into an expert’s knowledge base.  Seek the advice of experts.


Using a professional wedding speech service you will have access to professionally written wedding speeches which will give structure and provide inspiration for your speech. You will gain access to their experience from writing and delivering speeches for a living, how to inject humour and emotion into the speech and to deliver it flawlessly. You have the belief, and have access to the tools to create and perform your memorable wedding speech